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Friday March 11 2016 2:20 PM

Yesterday, I took a comprehensive home-examination on how to set up the Hewlett-Packard HP Envy 4520 does-everything printer, photo-printer, scanner, faxer, copier. This was a 5 hour exam at home, and I used every minute for the exam: BUT I PASSED, after about my 15th attempt!!!

I was able to tell that I passed because I succeeded, in the last seconds of the exam, in printing a very very nice 5 inch by 7 inch with-border jpg image of mine onto 5 by 7 white 110 pound cardstock. Here is the image I printed: it is a scan of a watercolor painting I did about 1993 (based on a photo in a Wisconsin travel magazine), of a lake in Wisconsin. I made a postcard out of the 5 x 7 printed copy, and I mailed it to my friend April at her Plainfield Illinois address:



I've been making and mailing a 5 x 7 postcard to April 6 days a week for several years now, since that is the only contact I have had during this time with April.


Here is the Internet-image I used for my Friday postcard:


More later!

- Sid




Wednesday March 9 2016

I now, as of this morning, have my renewed 2016-2020 Illinois Driver License!    I am becoming familiar now with the basement food court at the State of Illinois building. You can choose from about 15 different faster-food places. I had the large slice of New York pizza. Yummy!    More later!!


Tuesday March 8, continued

I've just heard (I haven't fully verified this yet) that the U of Chicago is phasing out the main part of its pension program, and freezing everyone's retirement account, possibly as of the March 1 2016 day that I retired!   This more-or-less means that I somewhat randomly picked out the optimal retirement day for myself – Mar 1 2016.  However it also may show that the U of C realizes it does not have the talent to manage a retirement program for its employees, properly.  I have a guess/sense that the U of C was inadvertently and unintentionally paying out larger pension amounts than the U of C really had(plus of course spending money to administer this program), and they only realized this, within the past week!


This is in a similar category to the U of C realizing that it doesn't need to own or manage 19 Hyde park apartment buildings anymore, and therefore it has sold these 19 buildings for about $70 million a month or so ago.

-   Sid


Tuesday March 8  2016

Do you notice that the two commas you might usually see in my above date ... are not there?

Why don't you adopt this practice and we will conserve the finite supply of commas, so they can serve mankind for a greater amount of time!!!


Here is the first SidPhoto Of The Day in my revived web site!!!:

I was trying and failing to renew my expired Feb 21 2012 to Feb 21 2016 Illinois driver license at The James Thompson State of Illinois Building. While there I looked straight up from the lower level (food court) and took this photo.

That's it for now!  More later!

-   Sid



Welcome to the NEW sidcolton.com !


It is rising after four years of deep sleep -- not dissimilar to the Phoenix and the University of Chicago rising in 1892 after the first University of Chicago went to sleep -- after Yahoo deleted ALL of my files in February 2012, since Yahoo couldn't find me (for very bizarre and inadequate reasons) to pay my monthly bill.

In fact here is a more artful description of the Phoenix factor:

The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise. ~ Miguel de Cervantes


I will write more momentarily and post entertaining photos of mine, but, the most important thing is: